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Condensing Oil boiler installation, Mr John Craig Thatcham

Mr Craig approached us to upgrade his old standard efficiency boiler which was 20 years old.

Heelas heating carried out a full survey of the property and the existing heating system and recommended to Mr Craig that all of his old controls be upgraded to current standards. Prior to boiler removal, the heating was thoroughly flushed using a professional power flushing unit, which removes up to 90% of all system deposits (black sludge, debris and lime scale)

Whilst the boiler was being removed, new thermostatic radiator valves were fitted, along with a new high-efficiency hot water cylinder, cylinder thermostat and programmable room thermostat. Programmable room thermostats give a much higher level of controllability and offer the option of being able to set different temperature settings for different times of day i.e. heating on between 6:30 AM and 9 AM at 22 C ,heating on between 1 PM and 2 PM at 18 C and heating on between 5:30 PM and 10 PM at 23 C. Once these programmes have been set there is generally no need to alter or fiddle with them.

We generally recommend an internal heating temperature of no greater than 20 C, as this is the point at which heating can become a lot more expensive to run, should you go over that temperature.

The boiler was installed with new pipework, motorised zone valves, and automatic bypass valve and new oil supply safety valves and filters. Boiler fitted, Worcester Bosch Camray 18/25 kW with horizontal balanced flue kit.

Modern condensing boilers require a condensation waste pipe, this is due to the fact that they extract much more of the heat trapped in the flue gases than old boilers. When the flue gases are cooled beyond a certain point, the moisture content within the flue gases condenses and turns into water droplets (condensation) this needs to be discharged into a waste/soil system or a lime filled soakaway. The condensation from gas and oil boilers is very slightly acidic and needs to be neutralised before it discharges into the environment. This is where the lime chippings come into effect with the soakaway should you be unable to discharge into a waste/soil system.

Mr Craig's heating system was refilled adding a corrosion inhibitor and all of the radiators were balanced to achieve a maximum heat drop across the radiators and an equal heat spread throughout the house.

One year later, Mr Craig has contacted Heelas heating to report that his oil consumption has halved and his house is much warmer and much more controllable than it used to be.

Mr Craig's testimonial

"I am pleased to have the opportunity to express my thanks for the excellent way in which your company carried out the installation of a new oil boiler and other central heating modifications at our cottage.

Some of the highlights of the contract started when you arrived to quote, you promised and submitted a professional and detailed quotation in quick response.

The cottage is over 300 years old and it was obvious from the start that there would be installation challenges to meet the required building regulations and supply a system that was efficient to run. As expected, when the job commenced new challenges came to light, not least the need to install two new pipes from the boiler to the header tank in a non existent roof space. Many would have thrown in the towel at this stage, or even worse, installed a less than perfect system. You rose to the challenge and solved the problem. At each stage of the job we were kept informed of progress and any minor changes to the original plan were discussed and solved without being turned into a drama.

I have undertaken several major projects in this old property and I can honestly say that this is one of the best ever undertaken. I suppose the icing on the cake was the fact that it was completed on time and on budget.

Whether it is a new home, or an old cottage, I can confidently recommend your services to other potential customers."

Mr Craig, Thatcham.


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