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Condensing Gas boiler installation, Mr Shaik Abingdon

Mr Shaik approached Heelas heating to replace his conventional flued “Band G” floor standing gas boiler for a modern high-efficiency, gas fired condensing combination boiler.

The first problem was the existing boiler position, as this was in the middle of the house in the kitchen and was connected to an existing conventional flue/chimney, which meant the new boiler could not go back in the same position. Mr Shaik also wanted to do away with his loft tanks and hot water cylinder, which meant a combination boiler was the order of the day.

We looked at all the possible new boiler positions throughout the house and decided the loft was the preferred place for installation. This raised a few issues, the first being that the loft was not fully boarded, did not have a permanent light and all of the pipework needed to be extended into the loft.

Heelas arranged for the electrical work to be carried out for lighting and the new boiler supply, then for the removal of the tanks and the boarding out of the access route and boiler installation/maintenance area around the boiler (these are requirements of the gas regulations)

The existing pipework was extended with the minimum of fuss up into the loft through the existing airing cupboard. A new larger bore gas supply had to be run directly from the gas meter, up through the garage flat roof and then on externally up through the soffits and into the loft to connect with the boiler.

We installed a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30 CDI combination boiler with a horizontal balanced flue kit going through the gable end wall.

The condensation waste pipe from the boiler was run within the loft and connected into the soil and vent pipe. A wireless programmable room thermostat was installed downstairs, which meant there was no additional work to run surface mounted wiring to the new thermostat position.

Some new radiators were fitted and piped which meant there were some chilly areas that were now nice and toasty.

Overall the installation took about a week and Mr Shaikh is extremely impressed with the boilers performance and efficiency.

Mr Shaikh’s testimonial

I have a modern house and wanted to upgrade my boiler - so I contacted the major national gas supply and installation companies to ask for quotations and free technical assessments. To my surprise, they said that I could not upgrade without changing all my radiators making the potential upgrade both expensive and too disruptive to the decorative condition to consider.
I then contacted Dan Heelas - he came on time and was the first person to take a proper look and seriously consider all the possible options! His team carried out the installation with due care and attention, removing their shoes whenever they came into my house and displayed an excellent work ethic with early starts,satisfying my extra requirements without any hesitation. I now have professionally installed Worcester Bosch boiler supplying my heating and hot water which I hope will last many years beyond the 5 year warranty period."

Mr W Shaik, Abingdon

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